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haxecon 2011 recordings

There was some interest on the haxe mailing list about recordings from the inaugural haxecon, probably because of the new, bigger 2012 WWX to be held in Paris, France.

So I’ve finally got around to a quick edit of the sessions I recorded, and managed to put them online for listening enjoyment. Can’t promise the recording quality is great but should be some interesting things in there for those haxers.

If there are links to slides people have please email then to me and I’ll add them here too …

uFront/uForm : Web development made easy, Franco Ponticelli

haXe/C# and haXe/Java : implementation and applications, by CauĂȘ Waneck

haXe Past Present and Future, Nicolas Cannasse
Sorry, I missed the beginning of this one

Making cross platform games in haxe, Tarwin Stroh-Spijer

Haxe in the Cloud – Lee McColl Sylvester


  1. Kuba

    Thanks for records. Will slides be available too?

  2. Alas, ain’t got no slides. Hopefully we can put this stuff together properly one day. I had two seconds to kill one night and managed to get these up!


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