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FlashONGames: Building Multi Platform Games in Flash, HTML5 and Native Applications with haXe

We’ve been asked to give a presentation at FlashONGames, a Bay Area (read San Francisco, California) group that runs a regular meetup / mini conference normally held at Adobe’s headquarters in San Jose.

If anyone has anything they think I should talk about, or things I should show, please comment or email me directly at

Please come along if you’re in the area. You can also check a live stream out if you want to learn (laugh) from afar! You can register for either here (down the bottom).


My Presentation:

And for anyone who had trouble finding the address of where it’s being held, it only tells you during registration:

Adobe Systems Inc.
601 Townsend St.
San Francisco, CA 94103


  1. totor

    Any chance to see your flashongames presentation in a podcast format (mp4, youtube) ? The adobe connect thingee is not quite an enjoyable user experience even when it’s works.

  2. Dr SpookyNutsak

    Did they invite you to take part because of your revolutionary work on the title Egg Truck?

    Wow you guys are really good. It’s more like art than design with you, you seem to effortlessly blend elegance and functionality into the sublime.

    How did you ever come up with the idea for Egg Truck? Why did you stop there? I wish you guys had of put your creative brilliance into more titles. Please make more incredibly original and playable titles, dont let poor sales and the complete lack of reviews stand in the way of your genius.

  3. Alas, sorry. I think there was some crappy recording done on some Adobe system, but never got proper access to it (happy for me because I hate to hear my own voice).

    @Dr SpookyNutsak: Are you being serious? I can’t tell …


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