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Monash Uni Games Boot Camp

We were asked to speak at the Monash Boot Camp a few months ago. It’s horrible how quickly these things come to be “oh my god it’s tomorrow I’m speaking” so we hope we did a good job.

The boot camp is run annually for kids (year 10, 11 and 12) and this year goes for a whole 7 days! There’s speakers from vendors such as Microsoft, Adobe and game publishers and studios and sound guys and game comps and a whole bunch of stuff. Seems pretty amazing.

We tried to talk about making small games. We hope we helped them a bit – kept them entertained for at least 50 mins which is good – and got a bit of a haXe plug in there if anyone was listening.

If you’ve never done public speaking before it’s really worth being involved in this kind of thing – get’s you over the fear pretty quickly.

The  guys on stage are Tony and Tarwin (from Touch My Pixel) and Andre Spierings (the Bunni Bunni guy!). So happy he joined us at the last minute – thanks for saving our arses!

You can now read all about it at Invest Victoria Games Blog as well.

- Tarwin (really hope I’m not forever remembered as “Tarwien“) Stroh-Spijer


  1. Daamn- well this inspires me to make some blog posts to bury this quickly… Thanks tarwin

  2. Reality Bot 2000

    Holyshit, Scary girl is you best title?

    It plays like a dog, the only reason anyone cares about it at all was that Nathan’s work features in it, but your clumsy gameplay and shoddy programing lets it down. It’s a total failure as far as games go.

    What other titles have you made. Something about an Egg Truck and some crappy skateboard game that no one cares about? It’s embarrassing you should just quit.

    Maybe you toys should stick to website design, at least you can get away with being uncreative hacks without any style in that realm. Leave games to the real designers. I think you lack of any kind of notable success should be indicator enough that you need to stop pretending to be game designers and stick to just sucking ass.


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