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haXe MouseWheel on Mac OS X

So, mouse scroll wheel events still dont work [edit] In browser [/edit] on osx! its hard to believe, but true. Luckily i found a great SWFObject plugin + as3 class from PixelBreaker in his blogpost :

AS3.0 MouseWheel on Mac OS X

It didnt take too long to port the code across to haxe in order to add the finishing touch to our latest haxe/flash website City on a Hill.
NOTE: You should run the test through a server (eg. apache) to avoid annoying security issues.

Download the Source and Demo here




  1. Are you trying to run it in a browser? Without a fancy JavaScript hack, there has never been mousewheel support in the browser. Take the same (broken) swf, and run it in the standalone flash player. It should work with wheel events (assuming the code is correct).

  2. Yes, I'm running it in the browser i should have made that clear (thanks ;) ). That is the whole point of the post (fixing the fact that mousewheel doesnt work in browser on mac- which is rediculous). If you run the swf from a server (via http) it works for me. The as3 lib (which i've ported) is well proven - so it shouldnt be *broken*


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