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Scarygirl – awards

Since Scarygirl‘s release we’ve had a lot of feedback, both good and bad, from the Internet at large. Happily it seems to make more people smile than it does rip their hair out and has been nominated for multiple awards, even winning a few of them! Here’s a quick run-down. [Just a quick note, the Scaryigrl game not just our work - so kudos to everyone else who worked on it including Nathan and Suren!]

Nominations and awards

Scarygirl was nominated in four separate categories in the GDAA Game Developer Awards 2009 including Best downloadable title, Best Audio, Best Graphics and Best Game.

The first one, and probably the biggest in terms of being nominated, is the AFI award for “Screen Content Innovation”. This was a new award this year and war announced earlier than the main awards for general film. The other people nominated included two produced by ABC TV and another by the Channel 9 Network, so we were in good company. Alas in the end we were beaten by the Gallipoli interactive; I guess you just can’t fight war. Congratulations to them though as they created quite an amazing peace [sic].

Scarygirl also got nominated for “best of online games” by a UK/Ireland TV station called E4 (Scarygirl review). We didn’t win that one either but people seemed to enjoy it at least and we were up against such amazing games as Mirror’s Edge 2D and Closure.

The UK seems to love Scarygirl. Channel 5′s Gadget Show put it in the top 5 browser games!

Scarygirl’s first award was an FWA (Flash Website Award) on the 7th August. This might not seem like such an amazing thing to the general public but to Tony and myself this was one of the most exciting as we’d been looking at the site for years wondering when something we did got up there.

We also won the “Desktop Create: Digital Media” award. Yay! [Ed: Pics coming soon]

The 2009 HOW Interactive Competition just gave the Scarygirl game a merit award, thanks guys, and it’s currently sitting as a finalist it got a bronze award in the 2009 London International Awards in the games category!

It’s currently sitting as a finalist in the Games category of the 2010 SXSW Web Awards – here’s hoping!

Scarygirl just won the Communication Arts Interactive Annual 16: Entertainment award.

For best graphics it was a runner up at the Flash Gaming Summit.

Finalist in Winner of the 2010 FITC Awards in the game category.

Honourable mentions

Adobe featured Scarygirl on their Adobe Developer Connection as an inspiration Flash game. We got featured along-side our friend’s game Bunni - so congradulations!

.net Magazine, a UK based web and design magazine, featured the Scarygirl game along with an interview with Nathan, Sophie and ourselves. In it they call Scarygirl “the best Flash game ever” – thanks! We also wrote a tutorial for the magazine explaining how to use bitmap caching to speed up animations. The same month Scarygirl was also featured in the Australian Desktop magazine.

As well as awards, and “we nearly got it” awards, there’s been a whole lot of media coverage. Being in print is great to show your grandma, “Hey, Gran, see we do real stuff” so we were very happy to have a review in The Age Greenguide as well as in the Sydney Morning Herald. There was even an interview on one of The Age’s blogs. There was also a lot of different

Online’s been a little bit of a different story. With great responses to previews we got onto places such as TIGSource and IndieGames (thanks guys) we were super happy when we released it and managed to get it onto JayIsGames - only problem is that people just seemed to hate it there! This spurned us on to make the game even better with easier controls (especially under water). We even got featured on Gamasutra (thrice) and so did the music/sound designer Luke, even on their best game pick list! Kotaku (both AU and US) seemed to like us too with a headline “Go Play Scarygirl“.

Gamertell put Scarygirl in the best 101 free games, calling it “one of the coolest games of 2010″.

There are also a whole lot of other places (too numerous to mention / find) that mentioned the work so just a big shout out to all those people I forgot to thank for the promotion!

And the rest …

It’s pretty awesome, people are talking about it everywhere it seems. I’ll post more links to articles as I see them.

guttersnipenews review – Top of the list of the reviewers favourite games.  A list that includes such greats as Samorost, The Path and Little Wheel.

If you’re German (or live in Germany I guess), then you can vote for Scarygirl on the MTV Game Awards. Not sure what the “working class hero” award means, but we’re up there will a very well deserving crowd I must say!

There is an amazingly in-depth review at 1UP by Carlito Cabada Jr available in 5 parts! (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5)

- Tarwin


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