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What’s happened to my DebugPlayer with FlashDevelop?

So after installing windows 7 i’ve had to reinstall all of my goods, the probem (ithink) is that installed flashplayer BEFORE Flash. This meant that installed its old flashPlayers over the top of the newer ones, so that i installed some of the newer ones AGAIN, and in the mess of many installs, i found that my FlashDevelop wasnt using the debug player anymore! gah!

Problem: FlashDevelop wont use the dubug version of flashPlayer when in popup mode (you need this to have trace’s come back to flash via ExternalInterface)

So, in reinstalled the debugplayer standalone about 5 times, in various varieties, before realizing that: FlashDevelop uses Ie’s ActiveX version of the player for popup mode

Solution: Install debug player for IE

since i dont really use IE, this was slightly overlooked, but now it all works fine. Just a little bit of knowledge that people might want to know :P



  1. Haha, man, i recently formatted and you just recited relived the same nightmare i had.
    Relieving to see someone else also have gone through that

  2. hah! so i’m not the only one – that makes me feel better too ;P Its always funny how you think you know how everything works, until it doesnt, and then it takes you an hour to figure out why you dont know what you thought that you always did.. aaah its a terrible life ;P

  3. ps. LOVE you site mate – your stuff looks amazing. You should add a way to leave comments on your experiments tho… so i can leave a gushing WOW!


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