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Particles from haxe on the iPhone Simulator

Its exciting to see that the haxe C++ target is coming together, Hugh Sanderson who’s the brains of the operation must be going grey early with all of the attention he’s been getting on the lists. Today I’ve been looking at getting testing the iphone target, and due to my lack of skills in most things related to it, working on a mac, compiling on a mac, hating a mac, apologizing to the mac once it started doing its job, xcode, c++, etc, etc. Its taken me quite a while to have the penny drop, but in short IT WORKS!

sorry for the terrible video quality, its my old ericsson phone (maybe i should get an iPhone!??)


  1. nice one! thats a massive amount of progress in one day! what class/code did you end up using for the particles?

  2. Way to go, Tony. I was starting to think iPhone support was going to be restricted to those who know gcc and XCode inside out ;-) Maybe you could write a post on what headaches you ran into and what you did to resolve them?


  3. Its pretty much exactly the code in the other particles example on the blog. It just doesnt render a circle as rendered bitmap.. just uses a 2×2 square pixels of black (since i couldnt be bothered loading an image to blit). So the newer system that i am using in the game is a lot faster, I’ll have to make it work on the iphone tomorow, will probably work on getting it on an actual device tomor too – Tarwin has an iphone.

  4. IanT

    Nice one, Tony! One day I will have enough free time to play with this stuff…

  5. Lee > There were only 2 or three bugs that i had to overcome (not even really bugs, just things which needed to be tweaked in Hugh’s setup tutorial). Once set setup of xcode is automated, via a project template, it will only take a minute or two and be very simple.

  6. Very cool Tony. I am interested to see how well it runs on the device. May have to pull out a few tricks, but it looks very promising.


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