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Deadsun: In development

We might start throwing up some tests of games we’re working on. I hope it will be good to get some feedback – but keep in mind, this IS in development, so go easy ;P

So – whats deadsun? Thats the codename (hah how mysterious!) for my latest game, Tarwin is working on a few other things. It will hopefully be release on the iphone too (hence the format).

The sun is dead, and post apocolyptic radiation is pouring out of the sky. You need to gather it to your cities to power them. In this test, you can play with the mechanic of collecting energy from the black-holes which expel it. There will be more advanced levels to come, which involve protecting the cities, tba.

Use Keys 1-8 to flick between the levels.

NOTE: please view this on its own page (not with all other blog posts) as it probably will run slow otherwise – we are working on fixing this weakness of our blog.



  1. That is just beautiful guys… really pretty… Pretty cool concept too.

  2. This is absolutely brilliant!!! A great take on this kind of game mechanic. The simple graphics are very nice. I can’t wait to play a finished version of this game!!!

  3. vitaLee

    Reminds me of the Auditorium game –
    I like the graphics deisgn.

  4. john

    To fix the weakness of your blog you should do what Tony Pa does. He makes you click to start and close.

  5. Beautiful! Great concept and theme executed very well. Love the artwork.
    Level 8 did run a little slow, but there are a lot of particles!

    Great work.

  6. jess

    Strangely addictive…passed all levels with flying colours :P

  7. ┬┐Iphone dev?

  8. Jed

    please if you don’t make this for iPhone , let me do it … its so nice and could be awesome with touch

  9. Hah – we’ll i’ll see how i go with compiling it out to iphone when the new version of haxe is released. I might be looking for a ObjC port however, we’ll see how it goes ;P

  10. >> Jess
    Good to see! Its always battle to make it easy enough that people can pick it up fast, i’m working on some harder levels now… hopefully a challenge!

  11. Jed

    an ObjC / C port of your code should be easier that relying on haxe in my opinion , if the code is anything like the particles example you posted earlier it should be quite easy, let me know if you need a hand


  12. I dont doubt that it would be pretty easy – thats the whole plan, the game has been designed with the plan of making it the first test for haxe iphone. I’ll definately keep you in mind tho.. time will tell! ;P
    I’ll probably release the games code (iphone port) at some point too as an example, maybe after a little while tho.


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