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Archive for July, 2009

Thursday, July 30th, 2009

Its exciting to see that the haxe C++ target is coming together, Hugh Sanderson who’s the brains of the operation must be going grey early with all of the attention he’s been getting on the lists. Today I’ve been looking at getting testing the iphone target, and due to my lack of skills in most things related to it, working on a mac, compiling on a mac, hating a mac, apologizing to the mac once it started doing its job, xcode, c++, etc, etc. Its taken me quite a while to have the penny drop, but in short IT WORKS!

sorry for the terrible video quality, its my old ericsson phone (maybe i should get an iPhone!??)

Monday, July 27th, 2009

Finally we’ve got the 2.04 realease of haxe! Its pretty momentus, as i’ve been waiting for it for about 2 months!

One big thing: ¬†the compiler now officially supports the C++ platform. This includes¬†Linux, Mac, Windows, iPhoneos, iPhonesim support. According to Hugh, there will probably be a few teething issues, but as of now i’d better get out of bed and see what we can make!

Here’s what Nicolas has to say about 2.04

The full list of 2.04 changes



Wednesday, July 22nd, 2009

We might start throwing up some tests of games we’re working on. I hope it will be good to get some feedback – but keep in mind, this IS in development, so go easy ;P

So – whats deadsun? Thats the codename (hah how mysterious!) for my latest game, Tarwin is working on a few other things. It will hopefully be release on the iphone too (hence the format).

The sun is dead, and post apocolyptic radiation is pouring out of the sky. You need to gather it to your cities to power them. In this test, you can play with the mechanic of collecting energy from the black-holes which expel it. There will be more advanced levels to come, which involve protecting the cities, tba.

Use Keys 1-8 to flick between the levels.

NOTE: please view this on its own page (not with all other blog posts) as it probably will run slow otherwise – we are working on fixing this weakness of our blog.


Wednesday, July 22nd, 2009

After realising we have a few people following us on RSS we decided to start publishing it in a way we could see how many people that actually is. So we’re now publishing through FeedBurner. If you’re already following us it would be great if you could change the address to:


And lots more coming very soon …

Wednesday, July 22nd, 2009

So after installing windows 7 i’ve had to reinstall all of my goods, the probem (ithink) is that installed flashplayer BEFORE Flash. This meant that installed its old flashPlayers over the top of the newer ones, so that i installed some of the newer ones AGAIN, and in the mess of many installs, i found that my FlashDevelop wasnt using the debug player anymore! gah!

Problem: FlashDevelop wont use the dubug version of flashPlayer when in popup mode (you need this to have trace’s come back to flash via ExternalInterface)

So, in reinstalled the debugplayer standalone about 5 times, in various varieties, before realizing that: FlashDevelop uses Ie’s ActiveX version of the player for popup mode

Solution: Install debug player for IE

since i dont really use IE, this was slightly overlooked, but now it all works fine. Just a little bit of knowledge that people might want to know :P


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