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Archive for June, 2009

Sunday, June 21st, 2009

For a new game I’m designing, I’ve been learning a little about particles. Its actually really simple to get some great effects. I found a good as3 lib – but in the aim of learning, and due to the fact that i need to use haxe not as3 (planning to target iphone) i’ve started from scratch. Ive only implemented a Gravity Well, and Gravity – but plan to add some magnets, simple collisions, brownian motion and maybe particle to particle attraction.

A few important things are:

  • Rendering direct to bitmap- not using MovieClip or Sprite – as they kill performance
  • Using copyPixels over draw – again for performance
  • Using an Object Pool, for less memory and garbage collection issues in the future
  • Created an ‘effectors’ interface for applying multiple effects to particles
  • Frame independant (time based) motion for more predictable performance

so lets see a test:

Update: Here’s another example – not in the source, but just adding a colorTransform- fun fun!

heres the haxe code: download



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