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Haxe starts to target iPhone

After the haxe meeting last saturday night, i was excited that the topic of targeting the iphone was brought up. This could cause a lot of adoption of haxe as a language. Being able to develop games for flash and Iphone at the same time would be perfect and something lots of flash game developers would love!

I tried my hand at compiling c++ into and ObjC wrapper a few weeks ago, and in my inexperience… failed miserably. Hugh (the haxe C++ target creator) has taken the challenge, and in the last few days, successfully made some first tests for haxe C++ on the iphone. Hopfully over the next few weeks everything will continue to come to plan (and more people just on bord for testing and dev) and we’ll have an iphone target :P

I cant wait to get a chance to do some testing (looking to buy a macbook next week when we go to LA for e3).

read about it here:



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