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Mame with USB Controllers

We’ve finally nearly got our 40gb of MAME running- productivity boost! It took a while to figure out, but we finally have PS2 controllers to work – conected with a USB adapter. To run MAME with USB controllers on XP i’ve found:

  1. connect controllers & test that they work in the Control Panel > Game Controllers Panel.
  2. get MAME to create a .ini file
    You need to run ‘mame -cc’ this can be done at the command prompt, or by making a .bat file
  3. Edit the ‘mame.ini’ file (should be created next to your mame.exe)
    Change the line ‘joystick 0′ to ‘joystick 1′ – this enables joystick input
  4. Press tab when in MAME to get the key setup options.
  5. Rock out!!

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